Medical packages

To meet the requests of our patients, we have prepared medical packages.

Benefits of medical packages:

  • comprehensive care
  • savings compared to services purchased separately

Our packages:

1. Urogynecological package:

Gynecological consultation + gynecological ultrasound + XNUMX-hour urogynecological therapy with a physiotherapist (the price includes medical kinesiotaping) –  PLN 400 instead of PLN 480
Both gynecological consultation and urogynecological therapy should be arranged on separate dates.

2. Gynecological package for women trying to conceive:

Gynecological consultation + gynecological ultrasound + 2 ovulation monitoring - 4PLN 00 instead of PLN 480

3. Orthopedic package:

Orthopedic consultation + One-hour therapy with a physiotherapist – PLN 450 instead of PLN 500
Both orthopedic consultation and physiotherapy should be arranged on separate dates.

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