Endocrinology as a field of medicine, it deals with disorders of the function of the endocrine glands (disorders of hormone secretion), e.g. pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal glands, ovaries. 

We often do not realize that our weakness or worse mood is not the result of fatigue, but disorders related to the endocrine system. FLOSMED offers you a consultation with endocrinology specialists: 

  • Małgorzata Abramczyk, MD, PhD
  • Dr. n. med. Ariadna Zybek – Kocik

NOTE: The condition for making an appointment for a consultation is 18 years of age.

Małgorzata Abramczyk, MD, PhD

Małgorzata Abramczyk, MD, PhD, an endocrinologist specialist, is a graduate of the Poznan University of Medical Sciences; for the last 17 years associated with the Department of Pharmacology of the Medical University of Poznań, where she worked as an assistant professor.

In 2001 she obtained degree in internal medicine. In 2005 year obtained the degree of doctor of medical sciences based on the work on treatment and complications in patients with diabetes and ischemic heart disease. In 2006 became a specialist in internal medicine.

Endocrine diseases have been in the center of her interests practically from the beginning of her professional and scientific career. From 1999, as part of a specialization internship, she worked at the Diabetology Clinic in Poznań. With time, apart from diabetes, she also dealt with other endocrine diseases, completing internships at the Endocrinology Clinic in Poznań, as well as working in Endocrinology Clinics. She also completed an internship at the Friderikenstift Hospital in Hannover.

Currently, as part of my daily practice, deals with diagnostics (including thyroid ultrasound) and treatment of endocrine diseases, among others:

• thyroid diseases - hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroiditis (including Hashimoto's disease), nodular goiter
• diseases of the adrenal glands
• pituitary gland dysfunction
• excessive hair growth in women (hirsutism)
• endocrine-related obesity
• gynecomastia
• ovarian/testicular dysfunction (in cooperation with a gynecologist/andrologist)
• endocrine diseases in pregnant women (mainly thyroid diseases)
He updates his knowledge on this subject by participating in numerous conferences and courses

Ariadna Zybek-Kocik, MD, PhD
(The doctor is currently on leave)

Dr. Ariadna Zybek-Kocik in 2012 she graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the 2013st Medical University of Karol Marcinkowski in Poznań, obtaining the title of doctor and was honored by the Rector with the Medal for achievements in science and social work. The crowning achievement of the student activity was the award of the Medical Laurel to them. Wacław Mayzel of the Polish Academy of Sciences for students working in science. For many years associated with the Clinical Hospital. H. Święcicki in Poznań. since 2013 is specializing in internal medicine at the Department and Clinic of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Internal Diseases of the Medical University in Poznań. Since XNUMX, a doctoral student at the Medical University of Karol Marcinkowski in Poznań.

Winner of numerous awards and distinctions at international scientific congresses, as well as the Scholarship of the Poznań City Council for young researchers from the Poznań scientific community (2016) and the Polpharma Scientific Foundation Scholarship for the best PhD students. Author of numerous scientific publications in the field of endocrinology in international journals. She regularly updates her knowledge by participating in numerous conferences and congresses in Poland and abroad, as well as thyroid ultrasound courses.

dr n. med. A. Zybek-Kocik deals with diseases in the field of internal medicine, with particular emphasis on:

– thyroid diseases (hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, nodules)
– pituitary diseases (acromegaly, Cushing's disease, hyperprolactinaemia)
– diseases of the adrenal glands
- diseases of the gonads
– obesity, eating disorders.

The most common diseases faced by endocrinologists include:
  • thyroid (e.g. hyperthyroidism / hypothyroidism / neutral nodular goiter)
  • adrenal glands (e.g. adrenal tumor / hyperaldosteronism / Addison's disease / Cushing's syndrome / phaeochromocytoma)
  • pituitary gland (e.g. prolactinoma / Cushing's disease / acromegaly / diabetes insipidus)
  • ovaries - testes (e.g. menstrual cycle disorders / polycystic ovary syndrome)

Price list

  • Price of endocrinology consultation with thyroid ultrasound
    PLN 300
  • Fine-needle biopsy of one lesion
    PLN 250
  • Fine-needle biopsy of two lesions
    PLN 300
  • Fine-needle biopsy of three lesions
    PLN 350

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