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Specialties of the Flosmed Clinic

Thanks to a team of experts who have many years of experience in the medical field, your family will be well looked after at all times.


A branch of medicine dealing with diseases and defects of the cardiovascular system, their diagnosis and treatment.


A branch of medicine dealing with the prevention and treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system. 


A field of medicine dealing with the treatment of bone injuries and fractures as well as various ailments related to the health of the spine and the entire musculoskeletal system. 


A branch of medicine dealing with childhood diseases, care and development of children.

Aesthetic medicine

The main task of aesthetic medicine is to improve the quality of life of patients. Beauty treatments, excision of skin lesions and treatment of hyperhidrosis.  

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About us

FLOSMED is a dynamically developing modern clinic, which is the result of many years of experience on the Polish medical market. We want to give patients what we have learned over the years of medical work. Our offer covers many fields of medicine, and the services we provide are based on modern, global standards.

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Our doctors

Małgorzata Abramczyk, MD, PhD

Endocrinologist, Internist

Alina Kanikowska, MD, PhD


dr n. med. Anna Roztocka-Kuc


bow. Monika Pyszczynska


Katarzyna Maluśka-Mazurowicz, M.A


Małgorzata Kwissa, MD, PhD


Weronika Szymczak, MSc


Dr. Dorota Boron


Dr. Tomasz Kusmierski, MD


Dr. Jakub Potoczny

Radiologist, Ultrasonographer

Dr. Michal Harasymczuk

Hand Surgeon, Orthopedist

Jakub Urbanowicz, MA

Osteopath, Physiotherapist

Michał Kwiatek, MD, PhD


Dr. Jakub Przybylski⁠

Plastic surgeon, Aesthetic medicine specialist

Dr. Piotr Suszczewicz

Phlebologist, Surgeon, Transplantologist

bow. Katarzyna Prełat


Katarzyna Smykał-Jankowiak, MD, PhD

Nephrologist, Internist, Transplantologist

bow. Jerzy Topczewski


Agnieszka O'Shea-Otwiaska, MD, PhD


bow. Karolina Andrzejak


Why is it worth choosing the Flosmed Clinic?

Our team consists of outstanding specialists who are leaders in their fields of medicine and the multidisciplinary approach in our Clinic guarantees patients a quick diagnosis and personalized medical care.  We listen to our patients' suggestions and strive to make their current ideas about medical care our everyday reality. 

Most examinations and consultations take place without waiting in long lines. We want our patients to receive help when they need it most and every day the most important thing for us is the quality of services, patient service and work with the best equipment and medical products.

Doctors are experts in their fields

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Our patients' opinions

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I recommend to everyone Dr. Michał Harasymczuk approach to the patient at the highest level, a professional, cordial, nice doctor with a lot of knowledge who willingly answers the patient's questions.
Kinga P
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I am happy to recommend Dr. Magdalena Barlik, who conducted the examination very gently. She explained everything with great enthusiasm. I felt reassured and taken care of.
Read more
The approach I expected from a pediatrician. Great commitment, thorough assessment. Good diagnosis. Thank you
Michal Gro
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A great specialist, I am grateful to him for the sensational postoperative rehabilitation after ligament reconstruction with meniscus removal, but Mr. Marcel has helped me and my family with other ailments more than once. will dim and delete, and infinity will only honestly refer to another specialist)
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I can wholeheartedly recommend Mrs. Monika Pyszczyńska. I've been going to her for some time, but each time with a smile, she persistently explains all the uncertainties. Even though it's only the beginning of pregnancy, I have a lot of confidence in her.
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I have been treating for almost 15 years. I was at Dr Abramczyk's for the first time. A very nice person. Interested in the patient. Even on your first visit, you feel as if you have been treated by Dr.

Clinic blog

bow. Konrad Ostrowski

Radiologist, Ultrasonographer

Elżbieta Niechciał, MD, PhD

Endocrinologist, Pediatric diabetologist, Pediatrician

Mikolaj Zozmann, MA


Dr. Jakub Potoczny

Radiologist, Ultrasonographer

Weronika Szymczak, MSc


Dr. med. Natalia Misan




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