Pediatric Specialities at the Flosmed Clinic

Our goal is to integrate various medical specialties, create an atmosphere of trust and safety for our smallest patients. 


A pediatric orthopedist diagnoses and treats congenital and acquired defects, as well as injuries and sports injuries occurring in children.


Specialists in pediatric otolaryngology take care of children who suffer from pharyngitis, laryngitis, asthma, angina, as well as ear diseases such as otitis or hearing disorders.

Hand Surgery

Hand surgery is a branch of medicine that mainly deals with hand and wrist problems, both congenital, traumatic, degenerative, inflammatory and cancerous.

hip ultrasound

Examination of the hips in a newborn consists in the assessment of bone and joint elements and gives information about position of the femoral head relative to the acetabulum


A branch of medicine dealing with childhood diseases, care and development of children.



Pediatric dermatology is a specific field of medical art, taking into account dermatological procedures for the youngest.

Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric surgery is a branch of medicine dealing with the surgical treatment of children and adolescents from the neonatal period to the age of 18. 



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